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Etiquette at youth sports makes it hard to enjoy my son’s comeback

By TED SILLANPAA So, it’s apparently no longer acceptable to do more than clap politely at youth sports events? Is that OK? I’m not sure. I hear people clapping, a quick golf clap-type deal, at my son’s summer baseball games. So, it must be OK to clap. Right? It’s apparently no longer acceptable to cheer for my son or his teammates, or to openly express the hope that my son’s team wins the game. I’m guessing, really. Parents sit quietly,… Read More »

Son’s return to mound shows every recovery isn’t about PEDs

By TED SILLANPAA on Twitter @TedSillanpa My 17-year-old son pitched a scoreless inning, striking out two, in his official return to the mound 11 months after he underwent elbow reconstruction surgery. He’s one of those elite-level prospects who was being recruited by some Pac-12 Conference baseball coaches even while he was rehabilitating his elbow over the winter. So, to say he’s back at 100 percent of what folks believe he can be would be untrue. Just to see him on… Read More »

Tustin youth football bounty scandal’s tip of the iceberg

By TED SILLANPAA The Pop Warner League football program in Tustin that allegedly paid its young players for big hits and for injuring opposing players is just a symptom of youth sports gone crazy in the United States. The Orange County Register story detailing charges by former players and parentsĀ  claiming that coaches paid players for violent tackles or knocking a player out of the game began by mentioning that Tustin Red Cobras were a nationally-ranked youth program that had… Read More »