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Hey…Danica, Rousey would mean more to women if they weren’t hot

By TED SILLANPAA on Twitter @TedSillanpa¬† Raising a daughter has me paying a great deal more attention to women’s changing role in society than I would’ve paid 20, 25 years ago. So, on Sunday afternoon I was ready to pronounce it the biggest weekend for women in sports ever. I’m glad I held off and gave it some thought. Danica Patrick finished in the top 10 at the Daytona 500 and proved, most certainly, that women can succeed in NASCAR.… Read More »

‘The Ultimate Fighter’ intriguing primer for MMA newcomers

By TED SILLANPAA @tedsillanpa on Twitter (Spoiler alert: Results from Collin Hart’s Tuesday fight appear on SB Nation here. ) —— If you’re interested in figuring out what all the fuss over mixed martial arts fighting is about, check out the UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter” on FX Tuesday nights (or when the new episode is rebroadcast at various times throughout the week.) Santa Rosa’s Collin Hart, 23, fights 31-year-old Kevin Casey this week. Based on reactions from the series fighters… Read More »