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Howard’s agent says Dwight hasn’t made decision; Iguodula to Warriors

By TED SILLANPAA The Golden State Warriors have reportedly made a deal to unload Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins and Brandon Rush in a salary dump with the Utah Jazz in order to make a four-year, $48 million agreement with free agent Andre Iguodala. Yahoo! Sports first reported the Iguodula contract and other media outlets have confirmed it. A first round selection in what is anticipated to be a 2014 draft rich in talent also goes to Utah. However, the USA Today and San… Read More »

49ers, Smith trade report all that’s wrong with sports media

By TED SILLANPAA on Twitter @TedSillanpa  Jason LaCanfora’s an NFL insider, whatever that is, for CBSsports.com. He broke a story that represents everything that’s absurd and wrong about sports journalism these days. LaCanfora wrote Sunday that the 49ers have traded quarterback Alex Smith. Wait. Woa. Hold it. That’s not the first part of the story LaCanfora broke. In order for that to be the story, in order for it to be any story at all, we’d need to know which… Read More »

49ers have to get trade leverage, but they’ll reward Alex Smith

By TED SILLANPAA The 49ers took an incredible risk by turning the quarterback job to Colin Kaepernick. The kid blossomed into one of the top prospective superstars in the NFL. The who Kaepernick could’ve been disaster if Alex Smith hadn’t opted to handle his demotion with professionalism sadly missing in professional sports these days. During the pre-Super Bowl preparations, the Niners said they’d reward Smith by trading him or releasing him to hook on with a team where he can… Read More »