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Is everybody insane? Harbaugh has accomplished amazing things with 49ers

By TED SILLANPAA I’ve read that Jim Harbaugh is just a little too cocky given that he hasn’t really accomplished anything particularly special coaching the 49ers. I read somewhere, and can’t remember where, that he hasn’t done anything “great” in his two season in San Francisco. In a society of sports fans and media members that use the word “great” far too quickly and often when it’s not merited, who on earth can say that Harbaugh getting what was a horrible… Read More »

Is everyone insane? Kaepernick called audible on the last play

By TED SILLANPAA Quick hitter…tired of the Super Bowl and tired in general. But, I’m still hearing 49ers’ fans and members of the media criticize the play-calling on the final series inside the goal line against the Ravens. Where were the running plays? Well, was fixing to run a misdirection play around left end, with Frank Gore lead blocking, when Jim Harbaugh saw the play clock running out and called timeout. I’ve not seen or heard any gas-bag writer or… Read More »

Media focuses on Culliver’s anti-gay rant; other 49ers more enlightened

By TED SILLANPAA Three 49ers gave their views on gays in the National Football League, but only one has become a flashpoint for what will become a national controversy. The USA Today published a story quoting two 49ers about whether they view former 49ers offensive lineman Kwame Harris any differently after a public altercation with his former male partner revealed that the former Stanford star is gay. Delanie Walker told the USA Today in regard to Harris that, “That’s him.… Read More »

49ers owe it to Alex Smith to set him free after Super Bowl

By TED SILLANPAA It’s not news to hear that Alex Smith doesn’t want to be with the 49ers next season. That hasn’t stopped sports talkers and sports writers from turning the report circulated Monday that the quarterback wants to be released from his contract after the Super Bowl into some sort of revelation worthy of much discussion. Smith has been a good teammate since getting hurt and losing his starting job. He’s a good guy, clearly. He’d played well enough… Read More »

Alex Smith can win a Super Bowl

By TED SILLANPAA Alex Smith isn’t the most accurate passer in the NFL. He’ll still take the occasional sack that the really elite passer would avoid. Still, it’s simply absurd to argue that this 49ers’ team can’t win the Super Bowl with him at quarterback. We’ve read and heard that, no matter how much they improve, the 49ers won’t win the Super Bowl with Smith at quarterback. That appeared to be the case last year, but it simply is not… Read More »