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Lincecum proved we have no idea what Giants’ future holds

By TED SILLANPAA Tim Lincecum was supposed to be done. Finished. Media types insisted he belonged in the bullpen … many insisted he should be sent back to the minor leagues. And, lately, loads had the Giants dealing him at the trade deadline since he’ll be a free agent in the winter. Mostly, every writer and talking head who covers sports around here was sure that Tim Lincecum would never pitch another game like the Tim Lincecum who won back-to-back… Read More »

Check the numbers: Only fool counts Giants out in NL West

By TED SILLANPAA Baseball is a numbers game. A team’s momentum isn’t predicated on what it has accomplished, but hangs on the shoulders of tomorrow’s starting pitcher and the position players in the lineup behind him. The Giants entered the final 70 games of the regular season on Saturday night with a 42-50 record. That’s what they’ve done so far. We need to consider what they might do from now on. The club was 6 1/2 games behind the first-place… Read More »

Announcers know where pitches end up, Giants hitters do not

By TED SILLANPAA There is no better radio announce team in Major League Baseball than the San Francisco Giants’ Jon Miller and Dave Flemming. Miller’s the Hall of Fame leader and Flemming is emerging as brilliant baseball voice who has the versatility to create a big-time national career if he wants to have one. Miller and Flemming still need to be reminded that their observations, which never leave them sounding like the hometown yokels who openly cheer for the team… Read More »

What weight problem? Sandoval’s bat heating up

By TED SILLANPAA OK. I just want people who might’ve read this piece and snorted that I don’t know anything about hitting or of the evils of excess poundage to read it now. A week ago, fans and media types were calling for the Giants to cut, demote or trade Pablo Sandoval because, clearly, he’d gotten too fat to hit the ball consistently well. I disagreed and outlined why he was actually struggling. (It’s all right here to read again.)… Read More »

Giants can stay in playoff race until they get healthy

By TED SILLANPAA The Giants are 2 games off the lead in the NL West. Even with three of the top four hitters in the batting order out with injuries, they are in the thick of the race for a playoff spot. To be worried about the club on June 15 is absurd. To suggest that there’s a reason for major personnel moves or to question the talent in the farm system seems the sole province of Marty Lurie’s entertaining,… Read More »

Fans, media don’t know what to make of the grinder, worker Zito has become

By TED SILLANPAA Giants’ pitcher Barry Zito is a throwback to the days when the fans and baseball media types didn’t care about the journey, just the results. The veteran left-hander threw near 120 pitches in six innings Thursday to pick up a win over the A’s in San Francisco. He lacked command and, actually, gave up a run after walking pitcher A.J. Griffin who doesn’t even hit in a league that uses the designated hitter. Further, he was squeezed… Read More »

Giants’ defense hurting struggling pitching staff

By TED SILLANPAA There’s grave concern over the way the Giants’ starting pitchers have performed lately. They’ve given up bunches of runs. The concern, exactly as expressed, is misplaced. It’s easy for pitchers to get hitters out, put up scoreless innings, when they’re pitching well. It’s those pitchers’ ability to do the same without their best stuff that made them world champions. And, it was solid defense that enabled the Giants’ five starters to succeed and for the team to… Read More »

Zito will earn every penny of his $126 million contract

By TED SILLANPAA Twitter @tedsillanpa ted.sillanpaa@pressdemocrat.com Barry Zito has, inexplicably, earned every penny of the $126 million contract that Giants gave him to sign as a free agent before the 2007 season. Don’t roll your eyes! Zito was a postseason hero who will go down among Giants legends for beating the Cardinals in St. Louis in an NLCS elimination game, then besting Tigers’ stud Justin Verlander in Game One of the World Series. Moreover, there’s no calling those autumnal heroics… Read More »

Trout’s contract: Key to losing Bay Area sports talk listeners

By TED SILLANPAA On Twitter @TedSillanpa¬† Stuck in the car, driving home, without my music or the podcasts that entertain me as radio once did. Old, old habits die hard, so I tuned to KNBR to hear my favorite Bay Area radio guy Tom Tolbert talking about Angels star Mike Trout. Actually, Tolbert and co-host Ray Ratto were talking about Trout’s contract being extended by the Angels and … OK. I’ll admit that I don’t care about player salaries or… Read More »

Giants show Brian Wilson it’s a business

By TED SILLANPAA The San Francisco Giants did the right thing not offering Brian Wilson the $6.8 million deal that would’ve been the minimum necessary to retain rights to the closer who is coming back from his second Tommy John Surgery. We don’t know when Wilson will be full strength, so sending him into free agency was the only appropriate business decision. The Giants didn’t need to do what general Brian Sabean did on Friday, however, when the famously bearded… Read More »