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Criticism of 49ers’ Kaepernick pure nonsense

Colin Kaepernick  Ryan Pickett

By TED SILLANPAA Look, I understand how easy it is to watch an NFL game and criticize the quarterback play. Even people who should absolutely know better get caught up in thinking the game they see unfold on television is moving at the same speed as the game unfolds from the pocket with a passer under the pressure of a pass rush with defenders disguising coverages in the secondary. So, I understand how even the folks who sit in the… Read More »

49ers call Harbaugh trade to Browns ‘ridiculous’

By TED SILLANPAA The 49ers almost traded head coach Jim Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for draft picks. Honest. It says so right here at CBSsports.com. And, it’s repeated on every other sports website that doesn’t mind turning an unsubstantiated rumor and treating it like news. The CBSsports.com story is particularly choice since it tries to make the point that the reported deal, that seems nonsensical from Harbaugh’s point of view, by writing that the 49ers called the report… Read More »

Is everybody insane? Harbaugh has accomplished amazing things with 49ers

By TED SILLANPAA I’ve read that Jim Harbaugh is just a little too cocky given that he hasn’t really accomplished anything particularly special coaching the 49ers. I read somewhere, and can’t remember where, that he hasn’t done anything “great” in his two season in San Francisco. In a society of sports fans and media members that use the word “great” far too quickly and often when it’s not merited, who on earth can say that Harbaugh getting what was a horrible… Read More »

49ers’ Harbaugh knows winning really is everything

By TED SILLANPAA Jim Harbaugh was nothing more to me than a football coach who turned the 49ers around, led them to consecutive NFC Championship games. While members of the media who try to deal with him do nothing but complain about his bullying, all I really thought about was that the Niners started winning again when Harbaugh showed up. The 49ers led the Falcons 28-24 with 3 minutes, 53 seconds in the fourth quarter Sunday. It was third down-and-2.… Read More »

49ers’ offense: Slumping or sliding downhill?

By TED SILLANPAA The 49ers won’t be changing quarterbacks again any time soon, nor should they. Fans, thus, should simply hope that an offense that has averaged 15 points the last two games is just slumping, as opposed to trending wildly downward. Colin Kaepernick was fine at quarterback. He offset mistakes with big plays. The idea of returning to Alex Smith is nonsensical. The last thing the club needs after Kaepernick has settled in for three games is to put the… Read More »

49ers hard to watch for Walsh-era fan

Hey! The response to my thoughts shared here leave me wondering … has it ever been less than absolutely entertaining watching your favorite team win? Have you ever been entertained completely when your team lost? Just curious. — Ted Sillanpaa ———— By TED SILLANPAA Heaven knows that enough attention is paid to the San Francisco 49ers, but this isn’t the type of attention they typically get now that they’re back among candidates for a trip to the Super Bowl. It’s… Read More »

Moss doesn’t deserve to be bigger part of 49ers attack

By TED SILLANPAA Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin agreed Monday that the 49ers absolutely have to get receiver Randy Moss more involved in the offense. Sanders, a Hall of Fame cornerback, and Irvin, a Hall of Fame wide receiver should know better. Moss has 8 receptions for 88 yards and 1 touchdown in three games this season. That seems about right for a 35-year-old who was out of the NFL, unable to hook on with any team, last season. Moss… Read More »

Alex Smith can win a Super Bowl

By TED SILLANPAA Alex Smith isn’t the most accurate passer in the NFL. He’ll still take the occasional sack that the really elite passer would avoid. Still, it’s simply absurd to argue that this 49ers’ team can’t win the Super Bowl with him at quarterback. We’ve read and heard that, no matter how much they improve, the 49ers won’t win the Super Bowl with Smith at quarterback. That appeared to be the case last year, but it simply is not… Read More »

Knee-jerk reactions: Griffin III to Hall of Fame … Luck flops … Peyton Manning’s back … Vilma beats Goodell

By TED SILLANPAA So, what were we told we learned from the first Sunday of the NFL season? Robert Griffin III is headed for the Hall of Fame. The Washington Redskins’ rookie quarterback played like a 10-year-veteran! He can run and he can throw! Give him the ball and just look at him go! He was electrifying against the New Orleans Saints, was he not? Andrew Luck is in for a long, bruised-up season playing for the hapless Indianapolis Colts.… Read More »

Alex Smith’s ability to hit targets key to marked 49ers’ improvement

By Ted Sillanpaa Folks are excited about the 49ers’ amped-up attack, with an improved corps of wide receivers who can stretch the field to make the running game and underneath stuff to Vernon Davis even more effective. NFL defenses will give and they will take away. So, the pressure is squarely on quarterback Alex Smith to become a more accurate passer. He has been, even when struggling, more accurate on deep throws than on mid-range passes. However, if he remains… Read More »