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Warriors fans: Spurs show 3 stars no sure thing however . . .

By TED SILLANPAA Golden State Warriors fans should note that it turns out having three big-time stars on one roster doesn’t assure that the path to an NBA championship will be smooth. Bay Area hoop fans should keep all of the following in mind as they lust to get Minnesota power forward Kevin Love to Oakland in trade. Keep in mind, too, that LeBron James could choose to become a free agent this summer. The latter piece of information is… Read More »

Warriors need to focus solely on making NBA playoffs, not where they’re seeded

By TED SILLANPAA Look, the Golden State Warriors are a team that lives and dies by the perimeter jump shot. Stephen Curry is prone to the untimely turnover, which typically comes because he has the weight of carrying the team on his shoulders. Their best bigs, Andrew Bogut and David Lee, are sidelined by injuries that won’t necessarily heal any time soon. Let’s stop there. There’s no reason to panic. Just pump the brakes a little. Try to remember a… Read More »

Analysts were wrong … wrong … wrong … but, they’re still sure Heat will win title

By TED SILLANPAA San Antonio Spurs’ veteran Manu Ginobili is done. Finished. He’ll never again be as effective as he has been through a Hall of Fame career. That’s what everybody with a microphone or a notebook was saying before Sunday’s game. What? He scored 24 points and had 10 assists in Game 5? Well, it doesn’t matter. You see, analysts explain that if the Miami Heat get big games from LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade … they’re… Read More »

Game-by-game analysis spoils stirring NBA Finals

By TED SILLANPAA The problem with the modern sports media has never been as apparent as during the exciting NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the underdog San Antonio Spurs. There have been two close, exciting, well-played games and two blowouts that came as such a surprise that even they were riveting. There was a time when the country would’ve been consumed by the Heat-Spurs series, by the battle between teams with contrasting styles. There would’ve been times when… Read More »

Warriors … lingering questions while pondering the future …

By TED SILLANPAA The Warriors did everything so right in their NBA playoff run … until about midway through the third quarter of decisive Game 6 against the Spurs in Oakland. It was then that it became clear that Golden State hit the wall and only Harrison Barnes was able to push through it and hustle forward. Shouldn’t it be a concern that, when their playoff lives were on the line, Barnes was the only Golden State player hustling back… Read More »

Either 3-pointers fall or Warriors will go down on Thursday

By TED SILLANPAA Mark Jackson’s inspired pep talks won’t save the Warriors. The club won’t suddenly develop a low-post offense that allows them to really grind it out in the halfcourt to beat the Spurs with layups and free throws. Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson can’t defend more than one player apiece so Golden State’s defensive shortcomings aren’t going away, particularly when Jarrett Jack has played brilliantly offensively while offering nothing on the the defensive end. Jackson won’t do it,… Read More »

Warriors turned ball over, shot poorly … still won Game 4 to prove they can make a miracle

By TED SILLANPAA Magic Johnson spent ABC’s halftime show reading the Warriors postseason obituary. It was hard to imagine Golden State, with Stephen Curry hobbled and foul troubles haunting the bigs, beating the Spurs Sunday or any other day. In fact, Magic said, “The shots aren’t falling for the Warriors. When the shots are falling, they can beat anybody. Jump-shooting teams just don’t win championships.” The Warriors wound up making just 38 percent of their shots in Game 4, and… Read More »

Roaring fans in home arena only helps if Warriors outplay Spurs

By TED SILLANPAA Much has been understandably made of the Warriors’ crazed, wild, loud home crowd in the Oakland Coliseum Arena. Oddly, though, the capacity crowd that can blow the top of the joint was no advantage at all in Game 3 on Friday night. It turns out, the home crowd really doesn’t help the home team if the visiting team just plays a better game. A loud home crowd didn’t phase the visiting Spurs. Heck, the Warriors rallied from… Read More »

Game 2 win in San Antonio makes Warriors title contender

By TED SILLANPAA The Golden State Warriors are no longer that fun, little team that can’t really win in the NBA playoffs. Oh, media types will still mock the notion that they could actually reach the NBA Finals, but they’ve done nothing to show they can do just that. The Warriors went into San Antonio and manhandled the highly-favored Spurs for 3 1/2 quarters before losing Game 1 in double-overtime, then beat them 100-91 to get the game on the… Read More »

Don’t discount what healthy Howard can do for Lakers

By TED SILLANPAA Twitter @tedsillanpa ted.sillanpaa@pressdemocrat.com I’m not one of those who felt out of love with Dwight Howard the NBA superstar. If I had the second selection in a draft of every player in the game right now, I’d be quite pleased to pick Howard. Howard’s bizarre behavior in his final season with the Magic doesn’t bother me a bit. He’s a sports man-child who acts more like a kid off the court than the man he becomes on… Read More »