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On paper, Warriors have eerie resemblance to 1974-75 champions

By TED SILLANPAA Twitter @tedsillanpa ted.sillanpaa@pressdemocrat.com The 1974-1975 Golden State Warriors finished the regular season with a 48-34 record. Today’s Warriors enter Wednesday’s season finale at Portland with a 46-35 mark, hoping to beat the Trail Blazers and clinch the sixth seed in the NBA Western Conference playoffs. Big deal, right? If the Warriors beat the Blazers, they finish 47-35. They get to enter a first-round playoff series as serious underdogs. The ’74-’75 Warriors needed six games to get past… Read More »

NBA: When an acrobatic dunk was awesome

By TED SILLANPAA Readers who mistook my determining that LeBron James is achieving other-worldly heights as a basketball player for knocking all the generations who came before him have to understand that I remember seeing my first slam dunk on television. That’s how old I am. I remember never having seen anyone dunk a basketball. The time when a dunk, let alone anything the least bit acrobatic was a novelty, is very clear to me. I was sitting on the… Read More »

’74-’75 Warriors hint that we don’t know what today’s Warriors can accomplish

By TED SILLANPAA We’ve gotten a little too used to believing that we know in advance who’ll win the game and, then, reach the playoffs. I don’t need to go back to my youth, decades ago, to give an example of how the most unlikely champions emerge, but I will because the most unlikely championship team of my lifetime were the 1974-75 Golden State Warriors. It’s actually instructive to take a quick, if long, trip down Memory Lane to briefly… Read More »