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A’s Parker Tommy John surgery latest in epidemic

By TED SILLANPAA Lots of people asked me why my youngest son, the elite left-hander who’s in his senior year of high school now, didn’t have Tommy John surgery to replace his ulnar collateral ligament sooner. Dr. Arthur Ting said it better than I can. “People hear about big leaguers and college pitchers having elbow reconstructive surgery making them good as new,” Ting told my son and I. “That’s a possibility. Many do come back healthier than ever. But, we… Read More »

Beane, not Sabean, best baseball architect around

BY TED SILLANPAA Tap the brakes a little, OK? I read that the world champion Giants have the best organization in baseball, that Brian Sabean’s the best general manager in baseball. Like I say … tap the brakes. Let off the gas some. Sloooow down! Sabean did a great job building a world champion in San Francisco, but it seems an argument can be made that he’s not the best builder of baseball teams in Northern California. I admire his… Read More »

Fan’s gripe about Oakland stadium ‘experience’

By TED SILLANPAA A couple hours after writing on Tuesday about how the A’s fans are a different breed, I heard something funny on Damon Bruce’s KNBR 1050 AM. Bruce was, apparently criticizing the Oakland Coliseum and the atmosphere at A’s games. It doesn’t seem to be bothering hard-core A’s fans who are relishing an improbably heart-stopping season. It really bothered a  Bruce listener who e-mailed his complaints, in detail, to the radio show host. The listener went to Monday’s… Read More »

Athletics’ fans are Bay Area breed apart

By TED SILLANPAA The Oakland Athletics and their unique fan base are best appreciated from a seat in the Oakland Coliseum. No way to understand what’s happening in Oakland from a seat in the press box. Comcast’s telecasts of Giants games are nothing like what Comcast does with the A’s. Spend an afternoon in Section 123 at the coliseum and you can see that the cutesy crowd shots that Comcast makes a staple of Giants’ telecasts from AT&T don’t work… Read More »