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Criticism of 49ers’ Kaepernick pure nonsense

Colin Kaepernick  Ryan Pickett

By TED SILLANPAA Look, I understand how easy it is to watch an NFL game and criticize the quarterback play. Even people who should absolutely know better get caught up in thinking the game they see unfold on television is moving at the same speed as the game unfolds from the pocket with a passer under the pressure of a pass rush with defenders disguising coverages in the secondary. So, I understand how even the folks who sit in the… Read More »

Is everybody insane? If Moss was dogging it, he wouldn’t have been in the game

By TED SILLANPAA I just heard two national sports media guys swear that Randy Moss didn’t run pass routes very hard in Super Bowl XLVII. They said he was dogging it. Not hustling. We already know that Comcast analyst Bill Romanowski said that Moss didn’t make enough effort on the pass interception thrown by Colin Kaepernick. Come on. Moss was flanked left in the formation that the 49ers used for the 2-point conversion try to, potentially, tie the game after… Read More »

Alex Smith’s ability to hit targets key to marked 49ers’ improvement

By Ted Sillanpaa Folks are excited about the 49ers’ amped-up attack, with an improved corps of wide receivers who can stretch the field to make the running game and underneath stuff to Vernon Davis even more effective. NFL defenses will give and they will take away. So, the pressure is squarely on quarterback Alex Smith to become a more accurate passer. He has been, even when struggling, more accurate on deep throws than on mid-range passes. However, if he remains… Read More »