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Giants can stay in playoff race until they get healthy

By TED SILLANPAA The Giants are 2 games off the lead in the NL West. Even with three of the top four hitters in the batting order out with injuries, they are in the thick of the race for a playoff spot. To be worried about the club on June 15 is absurd. To suggest that there’s a reason for major personnel moves or to question the talent in the farm system seems the sole province of Marty Lurie’s entertaining,… Read More »

Giants’ defense hurting struggling pitching staff

By TED SILLANPAA There’s grave concern over the way the Giants’ starting pitchers have performed lately. They’ve given up bunches of runs. The concern, exactly as expressed, is misplaced. It’s easy for pitchers to get hitters out, put up scoreless innings, when they’re pitching well. It’s those pitchers’ ability to do the same without their best stuff that made them world champions. And, it was solid defense that enabled the Giants’ five starters to succeed and for the team to… Read More »

Scutaro decision much like Giants faced in 2011 with Huff

By TED SILLANPAA There’s no earthly reason to really be thinking about the world champion Giants’ 2013 season, but it appears some folks insist upon doing so. They’re wondering if the organization will pay to retain the services of second baseman Marco Scutaro and center fielder Angel Pagan. Given that the Giants kept the 2010 world championship in tact, built around a young pitching staff, there’s no reason to expect the organization to approach preparation for the upcoming season differently.… Read More »

Running into out at home, playing back cost Tigers dearly

BY TED SILLANPAA The Tigers made two strategic decisions that, while not completely unreasonable, didn’t make much sense. Those decisions sent the World Series back to Detroit with the Giants leading 2-0. First, it’s a cardinal sin at every level of baseball to run into the first out of an inning at third base or at home plate. Watching the replay a dozen times doesn’t help explain why Detroit third base coach Gene Lamont waved Prince Fielder to the plate… Read More »

Giants playoff roster: How many pitchers?

By TED SILLANPAA The Giants had 11 pitchers and 14 position players on the 2010 postseason roster. There’s no reason to think the club won’t do roughly the same thing this fall. The only real question in 2010 was whether or not to carry Barry Zito on the postseason roster. It wasn’t so much a tough call based on his performance, but rather based on the reality that professional sports franchises don’t typically bench and embarrass their most highly-paid players.… Read More »

Giants, Dodgers are both playing like playoff teams

By Ted Sillanpaa Roughly five hours after Marco Scutaro drove in the game-winning run in the 10th for the Giants on Monday … the Dodgers came from behind to beat the Padres in the 11th in Los Angeles. About four hours after Buster Posey hit about as clutch a two-strike, RBI-double as imaginable in the ninth to tie the Diamondbacks … Andre Either hit a 9th-inning home run in Dodger Stadium to send the game into extras against the Padres.… Read More »