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Warriors fans: Spurs show 3 stars no sure thing however . . .

By TED SILLANPAA Golden State Warriors fans should note that it turns out having three big-time stars on one roster doesn’t assure that the path to an NBA championship will be smooth. Bay Area hoop fans should keep all of the following in mind as they lust to get Minnesota power forward Kevin Love to Oakland in trade. Keep in mind, too, that LeBron James could choose to become a free agent this summer. The latter piece of information is… Read More »

Analysts were wrong … wrong … wrong … but, they’re still sure Heat will win title

By TED SILLANPAA San Antonio Spurs’ veteran Manu Ginobili is done. Finished. He’ll never again be as effective as he has been through a Hall of Fame career. That’s what everybody with a microphone or a notebook was saying before Sunday’s game. What? He scored 24 points and had 10 assists in Game 5? Well, it doesn’t matter. You see, analysts explain that if the Miami Heat get big games from LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade … they’re… Read More »

Game-by-game analysis spoils stirring NBA Finals

By TED SILLANPAA The problem with the modern sports media has never been as apparent as during the exciting NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the underdog San Antonio Spurs. There have been two close, exciting, well-played games and two blowouts that came as such a surprise that even they were riveting. There was a time when the country would’ve been consumed by the Heat-Spurs series, by the battle between teams with contrasting styles. There would’ve been times when… Read More »

How important is post play? Heat have LeBron playing in the middle

By TED SILLANPAA The discussion among NBA fans who gather here has focused on the value of a dominating post presence and how the changes in the game at all levels leaves the NBA without many truly gifted big men who dominate at both ends of the court. I wrote a brief explanation of how the game has changed leading to the disappearance of the dominating post player. While it’s certainly not the most articulate or insightful explanation, I did… Read More »

NBA all-decade teams: 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s

By TED SILLANPAA There has been a great deal of discussion about the state of the modern NBA and how the greats of the past would’ve fared playing today. For fun, here are one fan’s all-decade teams from the 1960s to date. 1960s G: Jerry West G: Oscar Robertson F: Elgin Baylor F: Bill Russell C: Wilt Chamberlain Reserves: Hal Greer, G; Jerry Lucas F; Willis Reed, C/F Every all-1960s team seems to have Russell and Wilt together with one… Read More »

NBA: When an acrobatic dunk was awesome

By TED SILLANPAA Readers who mistook my determining that LeBron James is achieving other-worldly heights as a basketball player for knocking all the generations who came before him have to understand that I remember seeing my first slam dunk on television. That’s how old I am. I remember never having seen anyone dunk a basketball. The time when a dunk, let alone anything the least bit acrobatic was a novelty, is very clear to me. I was sitting on the… Read More »

You take Jordan … I’ll take LeBron

By TED SILLANPAA People who follow the NBA want to wait to see how many championships LeBron James wins before they even consider acknowledging him to be in the same class at the great Michael Jordan. I’ve heard some respected media members and former players who still want LeBron to win more titles before they’ll consider him in the same class as Kobe Bryant. I see no need to wait for LeBron to try to win five or six championships… Read More »

Lakers are just a mess

By TED SILLANPAA @tedsillanpaa on Twitter The Lakers are a team of dead men walking. They hung with the Heat for most of Sunday’s nationally-televised game, but LeBron James then reminded us of the huge gap between the greatest player in the world … Kobe Bryant at age 34 … and the ailing and recalcitrant Dwight Howard who might now never become the game-changing force we thought he’d be. LeBron did more than Kobe and Steve Nash, combined, playing on… Read More »

49ers’ Harbaugh did youngsters no harm

By TED SILLANPAA I spent Sunday in the last place on this planet that I would spend even one second considering about the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII. I was done with the Ravens’ win over the 49ers before the confetti finished falling to the Superdome turf. When I plugged back into the world on Monday around noon, a sports talk radio guest appeared on a station out of Sacramento to explain that 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh had spent… Read More »

Warriors have their star, defensive tenacity … just need rim protector

By TED SILLANPAA The Warriors’ Stephen Curry has become the go-to, clutch-shooting star that every really good NBA team needs. It’d be foolish to think Klay Thompson can’t become a star, too, despite his early season woes. David Lee’s having a career season. Golden State has been winning consistently because head coach Mark Jackson and assistant Pete Myers are throwback NBA tough guys who finally put together a Warriors’ team that plays defense, plays it well and doesn’t back down… Read More »