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And you wouldn’t get mad if David Lee busted your lip?

By TED SILLANPAA| Twitter @tedsillanpaa Enjoyed time off cashing in a small recreational wager on the Warriors after they beat the Lakers on Monday night. The wager isn’t important, I’m just setting up a small point by making it clear that I paid really close attention to that game. Golden State’s David Lee smashed his elbow into Dwight Howard’s face, cut Howard’s lip and forced the Lakers’ center to get stitches. Coming on the heels of the NCAA men’s basketball… Read More »

Lakers are just a mess

By TED SILLANPAA @tedsillanpaa on Twitter The Lakers are a team of dead men walking. They hung with the Heat for most of Sunday’s nationally-televised game, but LeBron James then reminded us of the huge gap between the greatest player in the world … Kobe Bryant at age 34 … and the ailing and recalcitrant Dwight Howard who might now never become the game-changing force we thought he’d be. LeBron did more than Kobe and Steve Nash, combined, playing on… Read More »