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Don’t discount what healthy Howard can do for Lakers

By TED SILLANPAA Twitter @tedsillanpa ted.sillanpaa@pressdemocrat.com I’m not one of those who felt out of love with Dwight Howard the NBA superstar. If I had the second selection in a draft of every player in the game right now, I’d be quite pleased to pick Howard. Howard’s bizarre behavior in his final season with the Magic doesn’t bother me a bit. He’s a sports man-child who acts more like a kid off the court than the man he becomes on… Read More »

So, NBA put the fix in for the Lakers with 3 games left in the season?

By TED SILLANPAA Twitter @tedsillanpa ted.sillanpaa@pressdemocrat.com Readers seem to insist that the Lakers comeback win over the Warriors on Friday was fueled by shoddy officiating sparked by the NBA really wanting to give the Lakers a boost into the playoffs. The Lakers shot far more free throws because the Warriors were called for 33 fouls and the Lakers just 17. While there’s no denying that a Lakers-Thunder playoff series would get better ratings than a Jazz-Thunder series, it’s hard to… Read More »

You take Jordan … I’ll take LeBron

By TED SILLANPAA People who follow the NBA want to wait to see how many championships LeBron James wins before they even consider acknowledging him to be in the same class at the great Michael Jordan. I’ve heard some respected media members and former players who still want LeBron to win more titles before they’ll consider him in the same class as Kobe Bryant. I see no need to wait for LeBron to try to win five or six championships… Read More »

Lakers are just a mess

By TED SILLANPAA @tedsillanpaa on Twitter The Lakers are a team of dead men walking. They hung with the Heat for most of Sunday’s nationally-televised game, but LeBron James then reminded us of the huge gap between the greatest player in the world … Kobe Bryant at age 34 … and the ailing and recalcitrant Dwight Howard who might now never become the game-changing force we thought he’d be. LeBron did more than Kobe and Steve Nash, combined, playing on… Read More »

49ers’ Harbaugh did youngsters no harm

By TED SILLANPAA I spent Sunday in the last place on this planet that I would spend even one second considering about the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII. I was done with the Ravens’ win over the 49ers before the confetti finished falling to the Superdome turf. When I plugged back into the world on Monday around noon, a sports talk radio guest appeared on a station out of Sacramento to explain that 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh had spent… Read More »

Pass the ball and there’s no beating LeBron, Kobe, Durant & Co.

By Ted Sillanpaa With a berth in the Olympics gold-medal game on the line, it became a cause for concern Friday when the U.S. men’s basketball team couldn’t seem to extend its lead over Argentina beyond 13 points. OK. The bar is set pretty high for the team of America’s NBA stars. A 13-point lead in the third quarter of an Olympic semifinal should be perfectly acceptable. On Friday, though, it was anything but that. With this bunch, a 13-point… Read More »