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Even with Matt Schaub, Oakland Raiders should draft Bridgewater or Manziel

By TED SILLANPAA The Oakland Raiders’ acquisition of veteran quarterback Matt Schaub in exchange for a late-round draft pick is a good move. A move they needed to make, even if it just gives critics a chance to further mock the organization for falling back on a failed starter who lost his job with the Houston Texans last season. We get it, OK? The Raiders have hit hard times. They haven’t won. They won’t win for awhile. Making fun of… Read More »

Criticism of 49ers’ Kaepernick pure nonsense

Colin Kaepernick  Ryan Pickett

By TED SILLANPAA Look, I understand how easy it is to watch an NFL game and criticize the quarterback play. Even people who should absolutely know better get caught up in thinking the game they see unfold on television is moving at the same speed as the game unfolds from the pocket with a passer under the pressure of a pass rush with defenders disguising coverages in the secondary. So, I understand how even the folks who sit in the… Read More »

Giant respite: Rating Alex Smith, NFL QBs

By TED SILLANPAA Alex Smith has a great game and 49ers’ fans wonder when he’ll fall back to earth. If he has a terrible game, they call for absolutely unproven Colin Kaepernick to take more snaps. In an effort to determine where Alex Smith actually stands among NFL starting quarterbacks, let’s look at subjective groupings that include QBs I think are clearly better all-around than Smith, clearly inferior to the 49ers starter and some who are too young to really… Read More »