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On Ray Lewis, expressions of faith and … why they do they bother you?

By TED SILLANPAA It doesn’t concern me at all that Ravens star Ray Lewis seems to be a vocal and devout Christian. In fact, his relationship with his god is between him and his god. When CBS cameras showed him tearfully praising God on the sideline during the national anthem prior to the AFC Championship game, it didn’t bother me at all. And, I didn’t question his faith and gripe that he was putting on a show. I … just… Read More »

Coach Majerus dies; God’s saying ‘Stick with the fitness thing!’

By TED SILLANPAA I’ve often complained to Christian pals who do the right things like go to church, read the Bible and pray consistently that God never talks to me. They tell me that He does talk to me, but that it isn’t necessarily in the form of a voice inside my head guiding me down a more righteous path. I believe them. In fact, I’ve never believed them more fervently than I did Saturday night when I was aching… Read More »