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A’s Parker Tommy John surgery latest in epidemic

By TED SILLANPAA Lots of people asked me why my youngest son, the elite left-hander who’s in his senior year of high school now, didn’t have Tommy John surgery to replace his ulnar collateral ligament sooner. Dr. Arthur Ting said it better than I can. “People hear about big leaguers and college pitchers having elbow reconstructive surgery making them good as new,” Ting told my son and I. “That’s a possibility. Many do come back healthier than ever. But, we… Read More »

Giants show Brian Wilson it’s a business

By TED SILLANPAA The San Francisco Giants did the right thing not offering Brian Wilson the $6.8 million deal that would’ve been the minimum necessary to retain rights to the closer who is coming back from his second Tommy John Surgery. We don’t know when Wilson will be full strength, so sending him into free agency was the only appropriate business decision. The Giants didn’t need to do what general Brian Sabean did on Friday, however, when the famously bearded… Read More »

Dr. Mike Marshall on pitching injuries and the lies pitchers are told

By Ted Sillanpaa After writing here about Giants closer Brian Wilson’s season-ending elbow injury and the Nationals’ plan to end Stephen Strasburg’s season at 160-180 innings based on the belief the move will protect his arm, some parents and others responded with questions. Dr. Mike Marshall, former National League Cy Young Award winner, wrote a length email in response to what has been written here. He teaches a revolutionary motion that saves pitchers’ arms from injury. Here’s his email and… Read More »

Kid’s rebound from Tommy John Surgery bodes well for Giants’ closer Brian Wilson

By Ted Sillanpaa This won’t be a spot where folks read about the glories of Clan Sillanpaa as they pertain to organized athletics, but there will be times when things from inside the family have some connection to what’s on the minds of the people who worry about things like, oh, say … whether or not the Giants will ever again have a dominant closer. Brian Wilson had Tommy John surgery for a second time in April. It’s a common… Read More »