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Criticism of 49ers’ Kaepernick pure nonsense

Colin Kaepernick  Ryan Pickett

By TED SILLANPAA Look, I understand how easy it is to watch an NFL game and criticize the quarterback play. Even people who should absolutely know better get caught up in thinking the game they see unfold on television is moving at the same speed as the game unfolds from the pocket with a passer under the pressure of a pass rush with defenders disguising coverages in the secondary. So, I understand how even the folks who sit in the… Read More »

49ers, Smith trade report all that’s wrong with sports media

By TED SILLANPAA on Twitter @TedSillanpa  Jason LaCanfora’s an NFL insider, whatever that is, for CBSsports.com. He broke a story that represents everything that’s absurd and wrong about sports journalism these days. LaCanfora wrote Sunday that the 49ers have traded quarterback Alex Smith. Wait. Woa. Hold it. That’s not the first part of the story LaCanfora broke. In order for that to be the story, in order for it to be any story at all, we’d need to know which… Read More »

49ers have to get trade leverage, but they’ll reward Alex Smith

By TED SILLANPAA The 49ers took an incredible risk by turning the quarterback job to Colin Kaepernick. The kid blossomed into one of the top prospective superstars in the NFL. The who Kaepernick could’ve been disaster if Alex Smith hadn’t opted to handle his demotion with professionalism sadly missing in professional sports these days. During the pre-Super Bowl preparations, the Niners said they’d reward Smith by trading him or releasing him to hook on with a team where he can… Read More »

49ers owe it to Alex Smith to set him free after Super Bowl

By TED SILLANPAA It’s not news to hear that Alex Smith doesn’t want to be with the 49ers next season. That hasn’t stopped sports talkers and sports writers from turning the report circulated Monday that the quarterback wants to be released from his contract after the Super Bowl into some sort of revelation worthy of much discussion. Smith has been a good teammate since getting hurt and losing his starting job. He’s a good guy, clearly. He’d played well enough… Read More »

49ers Kaepernick Might Be One of a Kind

By TED SILLANPAA 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick is getting national media attention for kissing his own biceps after he scores a touchdown, but he should be getting it for being an other-worldly quarterback prospect. It seems silly to consider him a prospect after his record-setting playoff performance against the Packers, but he is still a work in progress … an amazing work in progress. Kaepernick is making it clear that even the most prominent, knowledgable NFL analysts don’t know what… Read More »

49ers’ offense: Slumping or sliding downhill?

By TED SILLANPAA The 49ers won’t be changing quarterbacks again any time soon, nor should they. Fans, thus, should simply hope that an offense that has averaged 15 points the last two games is just slumping, as opposed to trending wildly downward. Colin Kaepernick was fine at quarterback. He offset mistakes with big plays. The idea of returning to Alex Smith is nonsensical. The last thing the club needs after Kaepernick has settled in for three games is to put the… Read More »

It’s official: Kaepernick will start on Sunday

By TED SILLANPAA The 49ers announced Wednesday morning that Colin Kaepernick will start at quarterback in Sunday’s game in St. Louis against the Rams. Since there’s nothing, really, for head coach Jim Harbaugh to explain … no mind-bending explanation about how starter Alex Smith won’t be starting has yet been given. Really, though, it would be great to hear Harbaugh follow up Monday’s media conference explanation where he called Smith the “starter,” adding that Kaepernick’s not the “backup” because he,… Read More »

49ers will win with either QB; most just don’t want it to be Smith

By TED SILLANPAA It’s difficult to imagine my having more completely misjudged Colin Kaepernick’s ability to win as the 49ers’ quarterback. I didn’t think he was ready. He’s ready. (There’s no way to offer a mea culpa without giving the impression this is about me. It’s not about me. Honest.) Kaepernick turned in an electrifying effort in his first start in beating the Chicago Bears, then turned in a serviceable performance in  Sunday’s start and victory over the New Orleans… Read More »

49ers’ Harbaugh need not be our pal

By TED SILLANPAA I’m on Twitter (@TedSillanpaa) and, thus, remain amazed at media types who feel that we’re interested in their view of the type man they believe 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh to be.  I could be an outlier among 49ers’ fans, but as long as the club’s winning, I know all I need to know about Harbaugh. If they start losing, all I need to know is how he plans to get them winning again. The folks who… Read More »

Giant respite: Rating Alex Smith, NFL QBs

By TED SILLANPAA Alex Smith has a great game and 49ers’ fans wonder when he’ll fall back to earth. If he has a terrible game, they call for absolutely unproven Colin Kaepernick to take more snaps. In an effort to determine where Alex Smith actually stands among NFL starting quarterbacks, let’s look at subjective groupings that include QBs I think are clearly better all-around than Smith, clearly inferior to the 49ers starter and some who are too young to really… Read More »