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Media focuses on Culliver’s anti-gay rant; other 49ers more enlightened

By TED SILLANPAA Three 49ers gave their views on gays in the National Football League, but only one has become a flashpoint for what will become a national controversy. The USA Today published a story quoting two 49ers about whether they view former 49ers offensive lineman Kwame Harris any differently after a public altercation with his former male partner revealed that the former Stanford star is gay. Delanie Walker told the USA Today in regard to Harris that, “That’s him.… Read More »

On Ray Lewis, expressions of faith and … why they do they bother you?

By TED SILLANPAA It doesn’t concern me at all that Ravens star Ray Lewis seems to be a vocal and devout Christian. In fact, his relationship with his god is between him and his god. When CBS cameras showed him tearfully praising God on the sideline during the national anthem prior to the AFC Championship game, it didn’t bother me at all. And, I didn’t question his faith and gripe that he was putting on a show. I … just… Read More »

49ers owe it to Alex Smith to set him free after Super Bowl

By TED SILLANPAA It’s not news to hear that Alex Smith doesn’t want to be with the 49ers next season. That hasn’t stopped sports talkers and sports writers from turning the report circulated Monday that the quarterback wants to be released from his contract after the Super Bowl into some sort of revelation worthy of much discussion. Smith has been a good teammate since getting hurt and losing his starting job. He’s a good guy, clearly. He’d played well enough… Read More »

’74-’75 Warriors hint that we don’t know what today’s Warriors can accomplish

By TED SILLANPAA We’ve gotten a little too used to believing that we know in advance who’ll win the game and, then, reach the playoffs. I don’t need to go back to my youth, decades ago, to give an example of how the most unlikely champions emerge, but I will because the most unlikely championship team of my lifetime were the 1974-75 Golden State Warriors. It’s actually instructive to take a quick, if long, trip down Memory Lane to briefly… Read More »

Warriors have their star, defensive tenacity … just need rim protector

By TED SILLANPAA The Warriors’ Stephen Curry has become the go-to, clutch-shooting star that every really good NBA team needs. It’d be foolish to think Klay Thompson can’t become a star, too, despite his early season woes. David Lee’s having a career season. Golden State has been winning consistently because head coach Mark Jackson and assistant Pete Myers are throwback NBA tough guys who finally put together a Warriors’ team that plays defense, plays it well and doesn’t back down… Read More »

Belichick took a step to end string of meaningless interviews

By TED SILLANPAA Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is under fire for refusing to do a post-game interview with CBS sideline reporter Steve Tasker following Sunday’s AFC Championship game win by the Ravens. Belichick was doing us all a favor. Halftime interviews. Sideline interviews. Onfield, post-game interviews. They’re worthless. In fact, barring the days-long process a truly gifted journalist goes through to elicit insight from subjects ofa s tory, interviews of athletics and coaches are all meaningless. Here’s what Belichick… Read More »

49ers’ Harbaugh knows winning really is everything

By TED SILLANPAA Jim Harbaugh was nothing more to me than a football coach who turned the 49ers around, led them to consecutive NFC Championship games. While members of the media who try to deal with him do nothing but complain about his bullying, all I really thought about was that the Niners started winning again when Harbaugh showed up. The 49ers led the Falcons 28-24 with 3 minutes, 53 seconds in the fourth quarter Sunday. It was third down-and-2.… Read More »

It says here the Falcons will win, and cover the spread

By TED SILLANPAA It turns out that the Falcons not only have a chance of defeating the 49ers in the NFC Championship game Sunday, but that it’s a certainty. And, you can take the Falcons … and the points! Bovada.com, the online wagering website, has the 49ers as 5-point favorites on Saturday night. So, bet Atlanta and you’re getting nearly a touchdown. How can I be so sure that the Falcons will win? Well …. Mark Bradley’s written sports for… Read More »

Te’o story exposes what’s wrong with us, media

By TED SILLANPAA Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o was never any more to me or my Irish football-loving sons than a really good college football player. We didn’t find that his legend grew when he played on after his grandmother and girlfriend died during the past season because … athletes aren’t legends, they don’t do legendary things off the field. We just choose to enjoy the games and how the players play them. I couldn’t care less if Te’o had… Read More »

Atlanta writer hints at trouble Falcons are in

By TED SILLANPAA Did you read the story about keys to the NFC Championship game in Tuesday’s edition of The Press Democrat? It was written by a Falcons beat writer and explained what will be keys for Atlanta to defeat the 49ers on Sunday. I’m not going to rush out and bet the 49ers at -3 points, but we all might give some thought to the things the Falcons’ writer mentioned and, maybe, set aside a couple bucks to put… Read More »