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Warriors handling of Bogut a total catastrophe

By TED SILLANPAA The Golden State Warriors are fortunate that the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback controversy has overwhelmed the Bay Area media to the point that no one seems interested in the fact that even a better-than-expected start to the NBA season can’t keep the franchise from remaining one of the worst in professional sports. The Warriors traded popular, high-scoring guard Monta Ellis and developing power forward Epke Udoh to obtain the rim-protector that every championship level team needs in… Read More »

49ers’ offense: Slumping or sliding downhill?

By TED SILLANPAA The 49ers won’t be changing quarterbacks again any time soon, nor should they. Fans, thus,¬†should simply hope that an offense that has averaged 15 points the last two games is just slumping, as opposed to trending wildly downward. Colin Kaepernick was fine at quarterback. He offset mistakes with big plays. The idea of returning to Alex Smith is nonsensical. The last thing the club needs after Kaepernick has settled in for three games is to put the… Read More »

Coach Majerus dies; God’s saying ‘Stick with the fitness thing!’

By TED SILLANPAA I’ve often complained to Christian pals who do the right things like go to church, read the Bible and pray consistently that God never talks to me. They tell me that He does talk to me, but that it isn’t necessarily in the form of a voice inside my head guiding me down a more righteous path. I believe them. In fact, I’ve never believed them more fervently than I did Saturday night when I was aching… Read More »

Giants show Brian Wilson it’s a business

By TED SILLANPAA The San Francisco Giants did the right thing not offering Brian Wilson the $6.8 million deal that would’ve been the minimum necessary to retain rights to the closer who is coming back from his second Tommy John Surgery. We don’t know when Wilson will be full strength, so sending him into free agency was the only appropriate business decision. The Giants didn’t need to do what general Brian Sabean did on Friday, however, when the famously bearded… Read More »