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Nobody wants NBA officials taking spotlight

By TED SILLANPAA NBA officials are under the mistaken impression that their presence adds to the entertainment value of a contest. They couldn’t be more wrong, but … take Joey Crawford for example.The show he put on in a Lakers’ game the other night was an unfathomable piece of showboating. (Click and watch.) The showboating, mostly the gyrating they do while they make time-consuming foul calls, slow the pace of a game beyond belief. I’m old enough to have watched… Read More »

It’s official: Kaepernick will start on Sunday

By TED SILLANPAA The 49ers announced Wednesday morning that Colin Kaepernick will start at quarterback in Sunday’s game in St. Louis against the Rams. Since there’s nothing, really, for head coach Jim Harbaugh to explain … no mind-bending explanation about how starter Alex Smith won’t be starting has yet been given. Really, though, it would be great to hear Harbaugh follow up Monday’s media conference explanation where he called Smith the “starter,” adding that Kaepernick’s not the “backup” because he,… Read More »

49ers will win with either QB; most just don’t want it to be Smith

By TED SILLANPAA It’s difficult to imagine my having more completely misjudged Colin Kaepernick’s ability to win as the 49ers’ quarterback. I didn’t think he was ready. He’s ready. (There’s no way to offer a mea culpa without giving the impression this is about me. It’s not about me. Honest.) Kaepernick turned in an electrifying effort in his first start in beating the Chicago Bears, then turned in a serviceable performance in  Sunday’s start and victory over the New Orleans… Read More »

49ers’ Harbaugh need not be our pal

By TED SILLANPAA I’m on Twitter (@TedSillanpaa) and, thus, remain amazed at media types who feel that we’re interested in their view of the type man they believe 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh to be.  I could be an outlier among 49ers’ fans, but as long as the club’s winning, I know all I need to know about Harbaugh. If they start losing, all I need to know is how he plans to get them winning again. The folks who… Read More »

49ers’ Kaepernick’s still not ready for what Harbaugh needs done

By TED SILLANPAA Two things can be equally true, but 49ers fans seem to want to insist that isn’t the case. Thus, to say second-year quarterback Colin Kaepernick isn’t ready to lead this 49ers team somehow winds up being twisted into a wild endorsement of Alex Smith. The fact is that Kaepernick’s not nearly ready to quarterback an NFL team to the heights this 49ers’ team can reach. He put up some points against the Rams on Sunday, but for… Read More »

It’s not too late to go outside and play

By TED SILLANPAA I was reminded, while jogging around the track Sunday at Santa Rosa High School, that I was in a lot better physical condition when I had reasons to just go outside and play. Jogging isn’t even enjoyable, no way it classifies as play. (Particularly on a really, really warm November afternoon.) There was a guy at the high school, on the football field, playing. He was doing something I did hour after hour growing up, simply because… Read More »

Jack, Landry show these Warriors will do it right

By TED SILLANPAA The Golden State Warriors’ 2-1 start to this season has been noteworthy in that management has made a conscious decision to identify their cornerstone players (Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Andrew Bogut) and to build around them. The Warriors have been building around a young player or two, off and on, for years. This is the first time that the rebuilding process didn’t include a high-priced star player that some other team was willing to unload. Point… Read More »

Warriors need a star … and it won’t be Harrison Barnes

By TED SILLANPAA The Golden State Warriors have a team filled with complimentary players. Forward Carl Landry and guard Jarrett Jack come off the bench to do things every championship team needs done in every game all season long. Andrew Bogut, when healthy, will defend the rim and do things offensively that a playoff team asks a big man to do. Stephen Curry is a lights-out shooter, one of the best in the NBA. Power forward David Lee does all… Read More »

Beane, not Sabean, best baseball architect around

BY TED SILLANPAA Tap the brakes a little, OK? I read that the world champion Giants have the best organization in baseball, that Brian Sabean’s the best general manager in baseball. Like I say … tap the brakes. Let off the gas some. Sloooow down! Sabean did a great job building a world champion in San Francisco, but it seems an argument can be made that he’s not the best builder of baseball teams in Northern California. I admire his… Read More »

Pagan was good, but didn’t have career year with Giants

Made-up stats are too quickly adopted as facts. So, for the record, free agent center fielder Angel Pagan did not have a career year with the Giants in 2012. Northern California fans apply the phrase “career year” too quickly to free agents leaving the Giants, or the Athletics, simply because they only really know what the free agent player did in San Francisco or Oakland. So, Giants’ fans who didn’t follow Pagan in his first six big league seasons assume… Read More »