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Giant respite: Rating Alex Smith, NFL QBs

By TED SILLANPAA Alex Smith has a great game and 49ers’ fans wonder when he’ll fall back to earth. If he has a terrible game, they call for absolutely unproven Colin Kaepernick to take more snaps. In an effort to determine where Alex Smith actually stands among NFL starting quarterbacks, let’s look at subjective groupings that include QBs I think are clearly better all-around than Smith, clearly inferior to the 49ers starter and some who are too young to really… Read More »

Scutaro decision much like Giants faced in 2011 with Huff

By TED SILLANPAA There’s no earthly reason to really be thinking about the world champion Giants’ 2013 season, but it appears some folks insist upon doing so. They’re wondering if the organization will pay to retain the services of second baseman Marco Scutaro and center fielder Angel Pagan. Given that the Giants kept the 2010 world championship in tact, built around a young pitching staff, there’s no reason to expect the organization to approach preparation for the upcoming season differently.… Read More »

Why Lincecum’s dominating out of the Giants bullpen

By TED SILLANPAA Tim Lincecum is particularly well suited to pitch in relief, under the intense pressure of the World Series. He’s got amazing confidence and a resilient arm. When he’s right, his┬áthree or four pitches can be unhittable. He’s a craftsman of the highest order. That’s how he won back to back Cy Young Awards. The Lincecum who struggled mightily in 2012 lost some confidence, obviously. He was pitching against the memory of the Cy Young Award-winning Lincecum. Starting… Read More »

Idiotic Giants’ fans can’t take day off … even one win from world title

By TED SILLANPAA Friday was, until Saturday, the best imaginable day for fans of the San Francisco Giants, right? The team led the World Series 2-0 heading back to play the Tigers in Detroit. Not a thing to worry about. Fans had nearly 48 hours to savor the Giants’ miraculous postseason run. KNBR’s Marty Lurie still fielded telephone calls Friday from fans who wanted to talk about, honestly, whether or not the organization should retain rightfielder Hunter Pence or re-sign… Read More »

World Series love letter from one who loves his Giants

(K.T. Hastings is a writer who has been a Giants fan since … forever … he lives and dies with the Giants like fans do. How do his experiences and feelings compare to how feel looking back and looking forward to the 2012 World Series moving to Detroit? Enjoy. — Ted Sillanpaa) –= By K.T. HASTINGS I’ve been a Giants fan since 1964. My little brother and I used to schedule our Wiffle ball games around the sound of Lon… Read More »

Running into out at home, playing back cost Tigers dearly

BY TED SILLANPAA The Tigers made two strategic decisions that, while not completely unreasonable, didn’t make much sense. Those decisions sent the World Series back to Detroit with the Giants leading 2-0. First, it’s a cardinal sin at every level of baseball to run into the first out of an inning at third base or at home plate. Watching the replay a dozen times doesn’t help explain why Detroit third base coach Gene Lamont waved Prince Fielder to the plate… Read More »

These Giants aren’t freaks and misfits

By TED SILLANPAA The Wall Street Journal did a long story about the misfits and freaks who make up the 2012 Giants, a motley crew that would only be accepted in a city like San Francisco. The story reflected the prevailing view of media outlets that, typically, don’t pay the Giants much attention. The 2010 world championship team was a thrown-together bunch of over-achievers led by a sterling pitching staff. This Giants team is far from a group of freaks,… Read More »

Short memories will spark same old criticism of Sandoval, Zito

BY TED SILLANPAA Giants’ fans love them right now, but how long do you figure it will take for the critics to start harping at the same old things? Today we’re celebrating his three-homer game in the World Series, but what do you think it’ll take for some know-nothing Giants’ fan to complain that Pablo Sandoval’s never going to succeed without losing weight and showing discipline at the plate? An 0-for-9 streak that starts in Game 2, maybe? A couple… Read More »

When in doubt, criticize Buck, McCarver

BY TED SILLANPAA Joe Buck and Tim McCarver have a different job than do Duane Kuiper, Mike Krukow and the rest of the Giants’ announce crew. So, just enjoy the World Series and stop already with the inane criticism of the guys calling the game for Fox. The Giants announcers are outstanding, leaps and bounds better than any other teams I heard this summer listening to MLB radio broadcasts online. However, in 2012, part of the home team announce crew’s… Read More »

Giants have to plan for World Series DH: Huff? Sandoval?

BY TED SILLANPAA The Giants’ lack run-producing bats on the bench becomes an issue now that they’ll be using the designated hitter against the Tigers when the World Series moves to Detroit. There’s no clear way for the club to best address the issue of filling the DH role. There are a few alternatives: 1. Use Pablo Sandoval as the designated hitter and benefit from the improved defense that Joaquin Arias provides at third base. The problem? How will the… Read More »