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Belt, Giants’ resilience highlight opening night victory

By TED SILLANPAA Brandon Belt picked up where he left off with the bat in 2013 and the San Francisco Giants showed the type resiliency that good teams always need. Buster Posey began a season when the club really needs him to assert himself as a dominant middle-of-the-lineup hitter with a 2-run, game-winning home run. And, it all happened in Arizona against the Diamondbacks? Opening night couldn’t have gone better for the Giants in a comeback, 9-8, win against one… Read More »

Criticism of 49ers’ Kaepernick pure nonsense

Colin Kaepernick  Ryan Pickett

By TED SILLANPAA Look, I understand how easy it is to watch an NFL game and criticize the quarterback play. Even people who should absolutely know better get caught up in thinking the game they see unfold on television is moving at the same speed as the game unfolds from the pocket with a passer under the pressure of a pass rush with defenders disguising coverages in the secondary. So, I understand how even the folks who sit in the… Read More »

Sports blog show Allison Stokke is smokin’ hot

By TED SILLANPAA A young friend asked me to consider how the sports media has changed with the advent of social media, but more as a result of the proliferation of sports blog. My pal is a bright guy, so he parenthetically mentioned: (the GOOD sports blogs). I couldn’t really tell the guy what I really think. He’s writing his Masters thesis on the topic and I don’t think my pointing out how little sports blogs have changed sports media… Read More »

Casa’s Mihalca, Ukiah’s Roberts in girls wrestling state finals

BY TED SILLANPAA Empire girls wrestling stars Erika Mihalca and Harmonie Roberts will wrestle for CIF state wrestling titles Saturday night in Visalia. Ukiah’s Roberts is the lone survivor from a group of  Wildcats who earned state berths. She’ll vie for the 113-pound title. Teammate and sister Ashley Roberts was eliminated along with Wildcats’ star Angela Canevari. Mihalca will have a rematch of her North Coast Section championship match victory in the state final at 131 pounds. She’ll meet Albany’s… Read More »

Urban legend: Baseball’s spring training’s special time

By TED SILLANPAA Facebook and Twitter blow up just after the Super Bowl ends with posts about there being just “X days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.” Spring training hasn’t had magical restorative power over fans since, oh, when did Major League Baseball organizations start training in baseball complexes built in the middle of subdivisions that Arizona turned into towns called Surprise and Peoria? That’s when spring training became just another marketing and money-making device for the… Read More »

49ers call Harbaugh trade to Browns ‘ridiculous’

By TED SILLANPAA The 49ers almost traded head coach Jim Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for draft picks. Honest. It says so right here at CBSsports.com. And, it’s repeated on every other sports website that doesn’t mind turning an unsubstantiated rumor and treating it like news. The CBSsports.com story is particularly choice since it tries to make the point that the reported deal, that seems nonsensical from Harbaugh’s point of view, by writing that the 49ers called the report… Read More »

Sochi figure skaters without makeup look … human

By TED SILLANPAA My daughter’s a singer and actor at age 15. I’ve gotten used to the idea that she doesn’t wear much makeup, but that even with a darker complexion that comes with being brunette she has to wear a lot of makeup when she performs. I even know that the heavy theater makeup can totally change how a woman looks. Take, for example, the girls and women we’ve been watching in figure skating from Sochi during the Winter… Read More »

Years of showering with other males reveals that …

BY TED SILLANPAA In the 1970s, part of our Physical Education grade was based on whether or not we showered every day after class. Skill and participation in activities wasn’t enough. We had to take a shower, then hustle to our next class. I was reminded of how casually most of us accepted getting naked in a locker room filled with other guys to shower. It came to mind when the grown men who play in the NFL voiced concern… Read More »

When a 50′something needs catcher’s gear

By TED SILLANPAA What once was so much fun, so simple, has become a most challenging task. It was something I used to do all the time,  all summer, for fun. Now, it’s a full workout, complete physical exertion that many think I’m foolish to be doing at all. I’m 56 years old, 46 years removed from starting my first Little League game behind the plate, and I’ve somehow become my 17-year-old son’s bullpen catcher. No. I don’t sit on… Read More »