I’ve read that Jim Harbaugh is just a little too cocky given that he hasn’t really accomplished anything particularly special coaching the 49ers. I read somewhere, and can’t remember where, that he hasn’t done anything “great” in his two season in San Francisco.

In a society of sports fans and media members that use the word “great” far too quickly and often when it’s not merited, who on earth can say that Harbaugh getting what was a horrible 49ers’ team into the NFC Championship in his first season and into the Super Bowl his second year is anything short of amazing? Great? Depends on your definition, I suppose. But, with a couple of breaks in the NFC title game last year, Harbaugh would’ve coached two Super Bowl teams in two seasons.

With a break on Sunday, pick a play that could’ve gone the Niners’ way and didn’t, Harbaugh’s a Super Bowl champion in his second season … with a 2nd-year quarterback he hand-picked out of Nevada. My gosh! It’s one thing to have a problem with a coach but it’s another thing entirely to harp on his accomplishments to the point you create an alternate reality.

I’d argue that Harbaugh choosing, obviously, Colin Kaepernick to be his franchise quarterback alone was one of the great coaching accomplishments in 49ers history. Bill Walsh drafted Joe Montana further down in the draft … but, he wasn’t drafted to be the franchise quarterback and he’d played his college football at Notre Dame.

If the 49ers had won on Sunday, the media types who don’t like Harbaugh would still be bashing him. But, finally, who can argue that the coach hasn’t done amazing things in his two seasons?


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  1. The Bat

    Lots of disappointed people who can’t wrap their heads around the fact that we lost, I guess. Not only have we gone to two NFC championships and a Super Bowl in Harbaugh’s first and second season, but we’re already ranked 2nd to win it (finally) next year. Anyone who thinks what JH has done is nothing short of amazing is smoking crack.

    February 6th, 2013 8:25 am

  2. The Bat

    *correction* Anyone who (doesn’t) think what JH has done is nothing short of amazing is smoking crack.

    February 6th, 2013 8:59 am

  3. overtime

    Bat…If the 49ers had reached the Super Bowl last season and won it this year, no one would be criticizing Jim Harbaugh’s sideline demeanor. He’s not down there to please the media or to set a good example. He’s clearly getting through to the players. Ted

    February 6th, 2013 5:21 pm

  4. Rob

    Yea, right, Ted, anything goes on the sidelines as long as you win. Wish Woody Hayes were still alive and you could ask him that question. He kept blowing off steam on the sidelines until he really blew his top one day and went after
    an opposing team’s player. He was forced to resign soon after. My view is that whether Harbaugh would ever go so far as that or not, he’s obviously a very uptight and intense guy, and in my view that affected his team during the first half and could have affected his judgment at critical junctures of the game. And when several players are publicly questioned the calls in that last goal line series, I’m
    not sure you can so confidently say he’s “clearly getting through to the players.”

    February 6th, 2013 10:20 pm

  5. overtime

    Rob…Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it. However, you’re creating a straw man here … I didn’t say “anything goes” on the sideline. I said that Jim Harbaugh has clearly accomplished great things…good things…in 2 seasons with the 49ers. At no point did I endorse his demeanor. I simply said that, ultimately, if he wins … people won’t care about his actions. You’re assigning to me a belief that I don’t hold. Lowell Cohn has questioned Harbaugh’s attitude, demeanor and personality. Beyond that…can you think of anyone who has before they lost in the Super Bowl? … If he’s not getting through to his players, he wouldn’t have coached them to the NFC title game last year and the Super Bowl this year. … Tell me your thoughts. Respond to what I actually wrote. If you want to know my thoughts and going ballistic on the sidelines with that level of frequently, ask me what I think, you know? This doesn’t need to be a me vs. you thing. Your opinion is as meaningful as mine is, right? Ted

    February 7th, 2013 12:55 am

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