Fell way behind on offering thoughts on the bigger issues in sports. So, quickly, let’s catch up on the news burning up the intra-nets this week.

1. Redskins’ head coach Mike Shanahan should’ve benched Robert Griffin III on Sunday. The move should’ve come in the second half when it was clear that Griffin was running with severe limp. If he couldn’t run and he couldn’t really plant his leg to pass, Griffin was a liability. The fact that he had clearly serious problem with his clearly very valuable knee should’ve made the decision to protect him and get a healthy Kirk Cousins in at quarterback pretty easy to make, I think.

2. ESPN’s Brent Musberger didn’t say anything wrong when the camera flashed on Katherine Webb, the former Miss Alabama who dates Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. Musberger said she’s gorgeous on Monday night during the BCS title game. She is gorgeous. He told former Ohio State quarterback Kirk Herbstreit, his ESPN sidekick, that, “You quarterbacks get all the pretty girls.” They, actually, do get more pretty girls than your average defensive tackle. Then, Musberger said young boys should go out and throw the football around … become a quarterback. When I was a youngster, I would’ve gotten a look at Webb and realized on my own that I should go practice quarterbacking. The idea that ESPN offered an apology is absurd and reminds me that these are really stupid times in America.

3. My Facebook pals were so wrong when they started knocking Notre Dame in a most outlandish fashion during the Irish’s hideous loss to Alabama on Monday. One guy wrote that, if there were an 8-team playoff, Notre Dame would’ve loss in the first round. Another guy, big football fan, said Notre Dame clearly didn’t belong in the top 10 at all. Hey, how can we overrate a 12-0 team? Hate Notre Dame, OK … but, don’t be dumb about it. In a playoff or, really, in any game — who knows who Notre Dame can or can’t beat? We only know Notre Dame couldn’t beat Alabama. The guys obviously forgot, or maybe didn’t know, that No. 21 Louisville crushed highly-ranked Florida in a bowl game.

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