A couple hours after writing on Tuesday about how the A’s fans are a different breed, I heard something funny on Damon Bruce’s KNBR 1050 AM.

Bruce was, apparently criticizing the Oakland Coliseum and the atmosphere at A’s games. It doesn’t seem to be bothering hard-core A’s fans who are relishing an improbably heart-stopping season. It really bothered a  Bruce listener who e-mailed his complaints, in detail, to the radio show host.

The listener went to Monday’s game in Oakland and was upset about the decision not to open the concession stands in a portion of the second level of the coliseum.

Oh. That’s tough! The most stirring playoff chase in A’s history and that poor guy couldn’t get easy access to concessions.

Bruce mentioned that he’d gone to games in Oakland and had to wait a full inning to get a beer and a hot dog. The A’s don’t open enough concession stands. How dare they care so little for the fan that they don’t take into account that some folks go to the ball park to enjoy a hot dog and beers with a baseball going on in the background?

Bruce went back to reading the e-mail that the sour fan wrote. He just didn’t enjoy his game experience in Oakland. It didn’t suit him.

Bruce then, casually, mentioned that the listener wrote the e-mail complaining about the coliseum experience … during Monday night’s Rangers-A’s game.

While an epic battle for the AL West title was unfolding on the field … while the Rangers were reeling toward a collapse that baseball fans might be talking about years from now … while the young, exuberant A’s were getting a gritty pitching performance from Jarrod Parker (who looks very much like he’s 16 years old) … that listener was e-mailing Damon Bruce.

I feel no sympathy for a guy who jumped on the A’s bandwagon for one night, then ignored an exciting game on the field to detail complaints that the ball park experience was ruined because concession stands were closed, leaving him to stand in line for beer.

This guy paid $35 or so for a ticket to a ballgame that he could then only enjoy if he could get easy and consistent access to beers and hot dogs? And, one of the most popular radio hosts in the Bay Area found nothing odd about this guy writing an e-mail during the A’s game. Nothing about watching the A’s rally past the Rangers or watching the greatness that is Yoenis Cespedes or just watching what well could be baseball history in the making couldn’t overcome the pain caused by those closed concession stands?


I wonder if that Bruce show listener is one of the Giants’ fans that the National League team’s announce crew insist is the best in all of baseball?



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  1. Cara

    More likely a shill for Lew Wolf who has done as much as one can to disenfranchise his own fans, you know the story.

    October 3rd, 2012 6:25 am

  2. overtime

    Cara…Great point! Outstanding! You didn’t miss the fact that I didn’t say the A’s organization made it easy for fans…I just said that a core group of fans support the A’s like the core group used to support the Giants at Candlestick…through thick and thin. Nothing good here to say about A’s ownership. TED

    October 3rd, 2012 12:18 pm

  3. B. Brown

    When I AM fortunate enough to have an outing to AT & T Park, or the Coliseum, it relieves me to realize that my good time isn’t dependent on an adjacent beer booth like that poor chap. I am thrilled to just be there. Essentially play off baseball. LG, right?

    October 4th, 2012 7:12 pm

  4. overtime

    Berk…If I want to go to a party, I go to a party. I pay for tickets to go watch a game — and I take into account long lines at snack stands so I eat before I go! If I wanted beer and hot dogs as a top priority…I’d stay home…buy that at Trader Joe’s and enjoy the game on TV. TED

    October 4th, 2012 8:47 pm

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